The most frequent questions about Ubeeqo Carsharing

How do I end my booking? How do I report a damage? We have collected the most frequent questions and answered them for you - in our FAQ!


What do I need to rent an Ubeeqo vehicle in Switzerland?

1. a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

2. a smartphone

3. a valid driving licence category B


How do I become a member of Ubeeqo Carsharing?

Being a member is very easy!

1. download the free Ubeeqo app to your smartphone

2. log in and enter your personal data and payment details (credit card, prepaid is not enough) in your profile.

3. follow the instructions in the app for the driver's license check and deposit a key card.

As soon as our customer service department has checked everything and activated your profile (normally within 24 hours), you can book your first car.


How do I book a car?

Once you have completed your registration, add the credit card details and driver's license check, you can start immediately and book your Ubeeqo car:

1. log in to your account via app

2. choose a car at your favourite station and enter your start and end time.

3. choose an additional option for your trip that you want to book (reduced excess...)

4. receive a booking confirmation by e-mail and a few minutes before the start of your trip an SMS with all relevant information about the booking. In addition, all booking information is of course always available to you via app.


Can I make one-way trips with Ubeeqo?

No. Ubeeqo is a station-based car sharing service. Every booking starts and ends at the same parking space or parking zone. This means that you must return the Ubeeqo car to the starting point at the end of your booking, otherwise we will charge a penalty fee.


What do I have to do before the start of the journey?

1. open the car either with the app or with your personal key card (any card with contactless function will work, e.g. SwissPass, credit card, company badge).Hold the card against the card reader behind the windshield. 

2. find the terminal in the glove compartment - attached is the vehicle key and the fuel card. Enter your personal 4-digit code the first time you use it to link the key card to your profile. The pin consists of the day and year of your date of birth (your birthday is May 10, 1980 = 1080).

3. the terminal will ask you for any new damage to the car. You will see the existing damage in the reservation confirmation. If you find any, please send us photos via email: ubeeqo@ubeeqo.ch

4. now you will be asked about the cleanliness of the car. Please rate it from 1-4 (1=clean / 4=dirty).

5. if accessories are missing or the tank is not at least a quarter full, please contact us by phone.

6. now you can take the key from the terminal and start your journey.


How do I report a new damage to the car?

Before you start your booking, you have to check the car for new damage (inside and outside). The terminal will ask you about this before you start your journey.

To detect new damage, look at the damage report, which lists all existing damage. You will receive the link to it together with your booking confirmation by e-mail and in the SMS 30 minutes before the start of the booking. Please walk around the car and also check the interior and boot to see if there are any new damages.

If you have found any, then confirm the question on the terminal with "YES" and send an email with pictures and description of the damage to ubeeqo@ubeeqo.ch

With "NO" you confirm that the car has no new damages and you accept liability with immediate effect. 


How and when do I refuel my car?

You must refuel at the latest when the tank is less than a quarter full before the end of the booking.

Use the fuel card which you will find inserted on the back of the terminal. As soon as you remove the fuel card from the terminal, you will automatically be told the PIN, which you will need to pay with the card.

Fill up at our partner petrol station, Migrol, whenever possible. In an emergency, you can also fill up externally, but then you must pay the costs yourself first and later send us the receipt so that we can refund the amount. - Please only fill up with the fuel intended for the vehicle (see fuel cap).

After paying, insert the card back into the terminal.

We will take care of all other things, such as oil, car wash etc. and these cannot be paid for with the fuel card.


How can I lock the car during the booking?

To lock the car during the booking (e.g. during a stopover), simply use the car key (in the terminal).

Please only use the app or your RFID-enabled card (chip card) when starting and ending your booking.


How do I proceed at the end of my booking?

Before the end of your booking, make sure that the tank is at least a quarter full. If not, you will have to refuel again to avoid penalties.

Park the car in the appropriate Ubeeqo car park or in the parking zone where you started your journey.

Put the car key back into the terminal in the glove compartment and finish the booking. Please take all your personal belongings out of the car.

Leave the car and either hold your key card against the card reader on the windscreen or use the app to lock it. As soon as you hear a "click" and the light on the card reader turns red, the car is locked and your booking is completed. If this does not happen, it could be that the car doors or boot are not properly locked. Please check and try again.

Please note: For security reasons, the doors lock automatically after 5 minutes, provided all doors are closed. If you need more time to unload the vehicle, simply leave the doors open and then finish the booking with your key card or app.


Which car sharing tariff is right for me?

You can choose between two price models: FLIRT and PASSION

You can simply select the suitable price models in your profile.

FLIRT is the right tariff for you, if you rarely need a car. With this tariff you can use Ubeeqo without any basic fee or other obligations. Costs only arise if you actually use Ubeeqo car sharing. However, the time and kilometre prices are higher than with the Passion tariff.

PASSION is ideal if you drive regularly and longer at a stretch. You can get this 3-month subscription (minimum term) for a total of CHF 30. What do you get in return? Significantly lower time and kilometre prices. So if you drive regularly, you can save quite a bit with the Passion subscription. In addition, only with the Passion subscription gives you the option of reducing your excess to CHF 500.

You can deactivate the three-month subscription in your profile at any time, at the latest one day before the end of the contract, otherwise your subscription will simply be extended for another three months.


Am I insured during the journey?

In principle, every booking is insured. What is included in the booking price:

- Liability

- Accident and theft insurance with a basic deductible of CHF 2500 per incident

- Passenger insurance

- Young driver protection under 25 years

- Road Traffic Taxes

- Value added tax

- Gasoline

You have the option of taking out additional insurance under "Options" for each booking, which reduces your excess to CHF 1000 (Flirt) or CHF 500 (Passion).


When will my credit card or bank account be charged?

The price per hour (and the additional insurance if selected) will be charged at the time of reservation. Mileage, booking extensions and possible penalties (e.g. late return of the vehicle) will be charged after the return of the vehicle.


What happens if I have forgotten my password?

If your access data has been lost or stolen by third parties or otherwise compromised, you must notify Ubeeqo immediately by e-mail to support@ubeeqo.ch or by phone at +41 44 804 90 33 and change your password. You can do this either by logging into your account and going to "Account Settings" / "Personal Data" and then clicking on "Change Password" or, if you have logged out, simply click on the "Forgot Password" link.


Can I authorize a third party to use my account?

Your account is non-transferable and you are not allowed to give your access data to third parties. If you fail to meet your obligations or do not allow a third party to access your data, we can immediately block your account.


When may administrative or penalty fees apply?

If the vehicle is returned late (you can always extend the booking via terminal or app, if there is no follow-up booking for the car), in case of excessive dirt, insufficient fuel, fines, damages, etc. 

The current list of fees is available on the website.
Ubeeqo can update the list at any time for future rentals.


Why should I create a company account?

Ubeeqo is the flexible and cost-efficient alternative to a company car. You save the high purchase, fixed and maintenance costs for your own vehicle. Instead, our entire fleet in Switzerland is at your disposal for your business trips - without registration fee, without fixed costs.

All journeys that you and your employees book independently are settled via a central company account. This makes it possible to centralise the management of your travel expenses and reduce administrative costs. As administrator of the account you will receive a central collective invoice every month and keep an overview of all trips and costs.


How do I create a company account?

Visit our website under Business Solutions. Select the option "For companies with regular business trips" and then click on "Register now! Fill out the registration form and follow the instructions.

Deposit a company credit card that will be used to pay for all trips. As soon as your account has been validated by our service team, you will receive a confirmation email. Now you can add as many employees as you like to your account as drivers.


Can private bookings also be made via the company account?

Yes, you and your employees are able to use your Ubeeqo account for private trips at any time. In this case, simply switch from "Business" to "Private" with two clicks in the app. The button for this is located in the top left corner of the map view.

It is important to enter a personal payment method in the profile before the first private booking.


Are there special prices for corporate customers?

The time and kilometre prices are the same as for private customers (Flirt/Passion). Corporate customers who add five or more employees to their account benefit from lower subscription prices with the cheaper Passion rate.

1-5       employees: 1 subscription

6-10    employees: 2 subscriptions

11-15  employees: 3 subscriptions

16-20 employees: 4 subscriptions etc.

100     employees: 20 subscriptions