Register - Book - Drive - Finish - it's that easy!

Create account

·       Download Ubeeqo App from the Swiss App Store
·       Register via app or
·       Upload front and back of driver's license and selfie holding license next to your face
·       Profile will be verified and activated within 24 hours - if in a hurry, call customer service
·       Add credit or debit card
·       Select contactless RFID card to be used as key (e.g. SwissPass, credit card, company badge)
        - on first opening with card, data will be linked to profile


·       Book car via app or website
·       Select location, date & booking time
·       Select vehicle
·       Check details and make reservation
·       Booking appears in profile - changes possible
·       Confirmation via SMS & Mail

During the booking

·       Unlock vehicle with the app - press open in the reservation
·       Or hold contactless card on card reader
·       For electric cars: remove charging cable
·       Voice greets you in the car and gives instructions
·       Remove control terminal from glove compartment
·       Answer questions about cleanliness and damage
·       Enter pin code when asked (date of birth DD/YY)
·       Remove key from terminal and drive off!
·       In case of new damages: take photo and send to our customer service
·       During the journey, the car can be closed and opened with a key

End of booking

·       Return vehicle with at least ¼ tank of fuel - fuel card is in terminal
·       Return to the same parking space
·       Insert key into terminal and end booking
·       Voice confirms end of booking
·       For electric cars: plug in charging cable
·       Remove personal items from car and close vehicle with app or card